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Frederico Wladimir from Brazil

Frederico  Wladimir  from  Brazil

A short time ago I found the first marionette of Buddy Holly 

and some other stars of that time on the internet. 

I had never seen anything like that in all those years.

Now I discovered animations on YouTube with 

Buddy Holly, the Crickets, Ritchie Valens, 

Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, 

Eddie Cochran and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Another good day for a Buddy Holly fan. 

So good that I'd like to talk about it in detail.

Simply click on the screenshot above and you can view all animations on YouTube !


I sent an eMail to the artist, whose artwork impressed me very much and asked for further information.

Within 1 day I received a reply with several attachments.


Fab painting of our mutual Buddy !

And here's what Frederico wrote:

Hi Hans Werner,
It is an honor to be able to contact you!

I'm glad that a big Buddy Holly fan liked my animations.

I started enjoying rock music as a child. In Brazil the greatest rock singers were Raul Seixas and Cazuza, it was thanks to them that I took a liking to rock, I listened to their records a lot.

Since I was a child I used to make drawings, my mother noticed this when I was 5 years old, at my grandfather's funeral, I drew in detail the
cover of his coffin, without ever taking a drawing course in life!

At 10 years old I saw a lot of Elvis films, but I never imagined what he was like on stage in the 50s.
At that time I watched the movie "La Bamba" and fell in love with the 50's! 

My interest grew, when I discovered the sound of 

Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis and Eddie Cochran mostly! 

It was exciting to hear those records! I was singing and drawing them all, I felt good. 

When I saw tapes by these singers in documentaries like, Elvis´56 and Rock And Roll: The Early Days, 

I went completely crazy! My collection grew, but I saw that the videos of that time were very rare, 

many were silent. Besides being very rare the existence of material recorded live. This caught my attention. 



Years later I started working as a cartoonist in a local newspaper, I was 16 years old! 


A lot happened, I worked in a small printing company. 

At that time I already did my first animations, with my characters. 

Then I got a job as an illustrator and animator, after 10 years I started making 

these animations trying to capture the emotion of what the 50's shows were like. 


My idea was to choose songs or shows that didn't have record recorded live in the 50s.

I thoroughly researched a particular show I wanted to live and portrayed it, 

simulating the black and white footage of the time! 

That's how my journey through this universe of animations portrayed the rock legends of the 50s started!

I tried support from several record companies but I couldn't, only one helped me, Craft Records, 

they published my animation on Little Richard's official page! It was exciting! 

Little Richard's drummer Chuck Connors sent me a signed photo. 

Jerry Lee Lewis' animation was seen and shared by him. 

He said he loved it, Jerry's friends introduced my work to him. 

I made a caricature of him and his wife, which was framed and is in his house..

I also had support from Ritchie Valens' family, it was his nephew who asked me to do the animation. 

Elvis Presley Animation by Frederico Wladimir

D.J. Fontana's wife, Elvis' drummer, also thanked me.

Fifties Rock and Roll - Tribute Animation by Frederico Wladimir

From the Fifties Rock and Roll Animation

Eddie Cochran Tribute Animation by Frederico Wladimir

The Eddie Cochran Tribute Animation

Buddy Holly Animation by Frederico Wladimir


I hope that one day the record companies will understand the project's proposal, 

it is a painstaking job that takes an average of 6 months to be ready. 

Everything is done with great care, because these artists are my heroes! 

Fifties Rock and Roll - Tribute Animation by Frederico Wladimir

An addition from Feb 3, 2021:

Tribute to Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly & The Big Bopper


I was happy that I received emails and followers from all over the world, this is priceless!
 I need a lot of support from the fans so that this project does not die. 

I'm already working on new animations, I'm going to make the whole class more influential in fifties. 

My studio is small, I am fighting hard for it to survive. I appreciate any donation.


Frederico Wladimir




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