B U D D Y   H O L L Y   L I V E S 


Shit Happens !


This topic enjoys general popularity, as I notice again and again.

Isn't it nice when you see that mistakes happen in the world of media

and you can say to yourself: They're no better than me!

We all make mistakes.

Some of them make it onto my website . . .

So, here we go !


"Buddy Holly" singing "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" on WDP stage.

YouTube Screenshot from the LA BAMBA movie, 1987

Someone didn't do the right research here when the script for the movie

LA BAMBA was written. We see on this screenshot I made on YouTube

Buddy Holly at the WDP with the song "Crying, Waiting, Hoping".

He never sang this song on stage or in the studio,

the composing of the song was actually not yet finished.

It was part of the so-called "Apartment Tapes" on his home recorder,

 released later with backing music and vocals after his death.

UNREQUIETLESS, Buddy Holly Tribute CD by Sam Richman

Obviously, a mistake has been made here.

Buddy never sang a song "MAYBE LITTLE BABY".

Since I don't own the CD

(you can't find anything about it on the Internet either),

 I can only assume:

MAYBE BABY or LITTLE BABY , or what I think:


Who knows, can send me a mail.



Shit happens !



I've been told that Nicolas Cage is a huge Buddy Holly fan.

But why does he wear a T-Shirt with a pic of John Mueller ? ? ?

(sent in by Frank Merrison from the UK)

Jerry  Ellison ???

© RingSideReport 2022

© RingSideReport 2022

I'm absolutely sure that my friend Mike Berry

knew how to spell Jerry Allison's name correctly !

© RingSideReport 2022

Some journalists don't !

(sent in by Lothar Pedd, Germany)

Karaoke CD with 2 mistakes on the front cover

A Karaoke CD with 2 mistakes on the front cover.

A friend of a friend of mine sent me some information about a bootleg LP from 1986.

I listened to the soundfiles and I wasn't happy with the poor sound quality.

OK, it was a bootleg.

In an attachment I got some picture files of the cover, rear and so on.

I stumbled upon the front cover.

Bootleg LP with the word UNDUBBED incorrectly spellt UNDBUBBED

Have a look, they were in a hurry, nobody checked the text !


I had a look at the Bear Family Records catalog again. 

There is a double - CD with the title "Buddy Holly - The Legend Returns".

Seems to be a production not put together by Bear Family.

All pictures are © Bear Family Records

On the front cover: "Chantily Lace", another typo.

Here I show the remarkable tracklist, which amazingly contains 2 titles that Buddy Holly never sang. 


But, as we all know: 

When it has to go fast in music publishing, usually something goes wrong.




All DVD Covers from The Ian Higham Collection


Now to a particularly "productive" topic when it comes to errors and distortions of the truth:

The well-known movie 

"The Buddy Holly Story" (1978) 

with a plot from 1956 to 1959.

I own the VHS tape and the DVD and can watch the film on YouTube on the computer.

Over time, in addition to the obvious inaccuracies to the historical truth, 

many small things have been discovered that the viewer may not have noticed.

© IMDb.com


IMDb.com have published a list of these errors 

or inaccuracies on one of its pages.

This was done in text form. 

So that no false impression is created: 

The contributions on the IMDb page were written by readers....

I have now tried to show pictures to this, so that it is all more understandable.

The movie is © 1978 Columbia Pictures

All screenshots of the texts about found errors are © IMDb.com 

Wrong guitar at the roller rink.

Buddy plays a Fender

Fender Bronco, © Fender Guitar Co.

Buddy plays a Fender

Wrong pinball machines in the roller rink.

Wrong Pinball Machines.

Wrong Pinball Machines.

Wrong Pinball Machines.

About the weight of ceramic tile.

The Weight Of Ceramic Tile.

The Weight Of Ceramic Tile.

The Weight Of Ceramic Tile.

"HOLLY" instead of "HOLLEY"

Holly instead of HOLLEY on the truck.

Family's last name is HOLLEY, not Holly

No mountains in Lubbock TX

No mountains in Lubbock

There are no mountains in Lubbock TX

The Century 21 real estate did not yet exist.

Century 21 real estate did not exist at that time.

<  <  <

Almost like science fiction. This billboard

 makes a trip back in time, really cool!

The Century 21 logo, © Century 21 Real Estate

© Century 21 Real Estate

 The Century 21 company started in 1971.

The world map, another "time traveler".

The wrong world map at the bus station.

World map is not old enough.

The wrong tour bus.

Wrong tour bus type.

This is the wrong type of bus.

Same picture, one more error.

This mistake is not mentioned on the IMDb page.

I wrote the pink comment on the pic.

And right now:

Mistakes a go-go

All markings and comments in light green were made by me.

A scene with a lot of mistakes.

Clear Lake instead of Clearlake

To justify all deviations from the facts with artistic freedom is probably a poor excuse.

Wrong day on the billboard for the final concert.

Final concert, wrong guitar.

Fender Telecaster instead of Fender Stratocaster

Here is a Fender Stratocaster Guitar,

the type of guitar Buddy used to play.

The FENDER Stratocaster guitar.

© Fender Guitars

In the production year of the film (1978), the filmmakers should have known 

that the Fender STRATOCASTER was the measure of all things 

for many stars of the music scene. 

Not only, but also because of Buddy Holly, this type of guitar has made

 its triumphal march around the world of musicians. 

Wrong name for Big Joe Turner song.

Wrong song title in the final credits.

Wrong song title in the final credits.

That was only a small but fine part of what can be remarked about this 1978 film, 

which did not take the historical Buddy Holly & The Crickets facts too seriously.

Before I close this chapter, I want to show you a comment, 

written by a person who uploaded the movie to YouTube.

To me, this person was a real expert, there's no doubt about it !

Additional comment:

So he died in a jet ? The Beechcraft Bonanza was a single-engine propeller plane.

1-2 miles away? That was several miles more distance from the airport in Mason City. 

And: He died in "Clear Lake Mason City" ?

A Buddy Holly Story comment on YouTube

© YouTube

Now here's a little story for you :

Buddy is on a tour of the USA and Canada in April 1958.

Then he and Chuck Berry do their absolute masterpiece. After the evening show on April 9 in Windsor, ON, Canada they fly on a supersonic plane and make "just a little" detour to South Africa, where they perform at the Sneaker Cartel in Cape Town on April 10. Directly after that they fly back to Canada with a supersonic airplane. There on April 11 next gig in Kitchener, ON, Canada. Unbelievable? Right! But on a website of songkick.com I found this insane tour schedule reminiscent of WDP's in 1959. Have a look!

The unbelievable tour dates on songkick.com

© songkick.com

It becomes quite problematic when we look at when the first supersonic aircraft was used on scheduled flights. 

The Russian Tupolev Tu-144 already flew supersonically in 1968, but it was only "suitable" for civilian purposes. 


No website of this very topic without John Mueller ! ! !

John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly

© TeeShirtSavage on Etsy

Here's another unbelievable story, as seen on Last FM Germany :


Buddy Holly Biography on Last FM Germany

© last.fm Germany

As far as I know, Eddie Crandall was a talent scout and initiated the Decca Sessions in Nashville.

Here is a short Buddy Holly biography.

These "experts" tell the surprised reader that Buddy toured 

the USA, England and GERMANY. Wow!

They "forgot" Canada and Australia and added Germany instead !

Very "creative" !!!

Wrong information about Buddy's tours outside the USA.

© was war wann, Germany

NOT FADE AWAY - The "Short" Version

A German proverb says: "In brevity lies the spice". 

- In der Kuerze liegt die Wuerze -

Probably it means that everything is better the shorter it is.

That's probably what the people who published this playlist thought.

© Mint Music Consultancy

About Joe Meek

- Version 1 -

One night in early 1958, Joe was reading Tarot cards with

 some friends, when he received a premonition that Buddy Holly, 

one of his idols, was scheduled to meet his maker on February 3 — no year given. 

He tried desperately to get in touch with his myopic hero, 

but Holly either didn’t get the message, 

or dismissed Meek’s warning as the ranting of a nut-job. 

© 2021 Hip Quotient Productions

- Version 2 -


© Byte FM

His great idol was Buddy Holly.

When a tarot game revealed to him that Holly 

would pass away on February 3, 1957 (!!),

Meek tried in vain to warn him.

Oddly enough, Buddy Holly then died exactly

 one year later to the day. (February 3, 1958

Version 2 kind of reminds me of the so-called "alternative facts" from Donald Trump's time!