Young Buddy  (From the Roddy Jordan Collection)

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A New Buddy Holly Photo Revealed ???

NO !!

Today a friend of mine sent me a photo, that appeared out of a sudden on the internet.


© Bill Francis

It reminded me of the photo sessions the Crickets had in London in March 1958.


© Bill Francis  (with written permission of Proud Galleries, London)


© Bill Francis

The solution is quite simple. Yesterday I received the very photo ,

from which Buddy was merely 'cut out'. 

Colours were added afterwards.

The Beginnings Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets

(New On YouTube in March 2021)

© YouTube 2021


Screenshot from YouTube 2021

Screenshots only !

Screenshot from YouTube 2021

Quote Frank Merrison (via Lothar Pedd) :

A 30 minute run through of their story edited together from three separate interviews with JI, Sonny & Joe B in 2008.

I had seen the full JI interview before. Some nice photos shown including a very early one of Sonny I had not seen before.

No mention of ME or Earl Sinks. Well worth 30 minutes of your time.

Thanks for sharing, guys!

Sonny  Curtis  with  Jo  Ann  Winchester 

(Colours added by my mate Peter F. Dunnet from the UK)

Sonny Curtis with Jo Ann Winchester - Colors by Peter F. Dunnet

(Photographer unknown)

I received a mail from my mate Roddy Jordan from Australia about the photo above:

"This photo was sent to me the other day and it is 

obviously Sonny looking very young and dapper.

I emailed Sonny and he told me the following:" 

 It's really a blast from the past. The girl is Jo Ann Winchester. 

She was the Texas FFA (Future Farmers of America) Sweetheart 

and I was the Texas FFA entertainer.

(See the original photo on "Bits & Pieces 7")

Buddy, Sonny & Friends

Here are 2 photos with Buddy and Sonny surrounded by friends.

Many thanks to Jochen Rehberg from Portugal !

Photo taken from PC screen by Jochen Rehberg

These 2 photos are of inferior quality because they were photographed from the PC screen, 

thus contained wavy lines. Therefore I do not show them in their original size.

Photo taken from PC screen by Jochen Rehberg


UK  Show in Wycombe:

"Rock Around With Buddy"

Rock Around With Buddy Holly © 2021 Wycombe Swan

© 2021 Wycombe Swan

Good luck for the new theatre production. 

There is always the Covid pandemic in the back of your mind, 

but hopefully by June things can be better than they were in the winter.

The  Buddy  Holly  Hall  And  Tourism

© 2021 KCBD (USA)

The Performing Hall, "The Crickets Theater", the "Rave On Restaurant" 

and many other attractions are waiting for visitors . . .

© 2021 KCBD (USA)
© 2021 KCBD (USA)
© 2021 KCBD (USA)


The Buddy Holly Convention

Limerick Ireland 1986

You   MUST   see   them   dance  !

Buddy Holly Convention, Limerick Ireland 1986


Better late than never :


A CD-Sampler Review from 2011


© Ox - Fanzine (Germany) # 97 Aug Sep 2011



This review from Germany made me smile,

as it was unusual, funny and true.

I tried my very best to translate it for you.

I'm not perfect at English, 

as it is not my native language!


© 2011 OX - Fanzine (Germany)

Sicherlich auch ein Spaß für die deutschen Leser, mal auf so eine Kritik zu stoßen!

Tribute samplers are always a tricky business. Often, a lot of talentless croppy stuff gathers to reverently pay homage to a "hero". The whole project then usually sinks into the lack of ideas of the performers. Fortunately, things are different with the sampler for Buddy Holly's 75th birthday. The range of artists is enormous, the variety of styles huge, the creative output (for a covers record) enormously high. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the fish stinks from the head, and the biggest names also turn out to be the most gruesome performers. The only total failure is, thank God, the absolutely unlistenable "It's So Easy", with which a certain Paul McCartney probably makes one of the worst recordings of his career.

More interesting are FLORENCE & THE MACHINE, who endow "Not Fade Away" with industrial bayou flair, STROKES singer Julian Casablanca's "Rave On", which is strongly reminiscent of Alan Vegas' Noise-A-Billy, and the stunning electro-rock'n'roll of Ce Lo Green on "Baby You're So Square". Grumpy Lou Reed yelps at a lady called "Peggy Sue", Fiona Apple and Jon Brion pine at each other on "Everyday", the DETROIT COBRAS have the right "Heartbeat", and even a chav rocker like Kid Rock makes "Well Alright" sound alright.
An interesting sampler with clearly more light than shadow, which honours Buddy's mercilessly good, timeless songwriting, precisely because no one is awestruck here.  

Vielen Dank an meinen Freund Heinz Griesbach für die letzten 4 Beiträge !

Many thanks to my friend Heinz Griesbach from Germany for the last 4 topics !

When we talk about Sampler CD's, here's another one:

(My own research)

"Rockin' In The Graveyard" 


I personally don't find this cover of a sampler CD very tasteful.

Nevertheless, I wanted to show it so that everyone can form their own opinion.

A Quite Unusual Buddy Holly Music Review

Anyone who often visits YouTube will know the

 processes exactly, as they recur time and again.

Someone uploads a music track that is accompanied 

by a slideshow, a still image or a video. 

It is always this "ritual" that is broken here.

This man has uploaded a series of extraordinary 

videos on YouTube, where he can be seen in his 

living room presenting old vinyl records.  

The manner made me smile. But: Take a look

for yourself on YouTube and form your own opinion.


Buddy Holly on 45rpm tribute 2021

(Uploaded Feb 3, 2021)


I  think  it's  successful  because  it  finally  throws  the  old  rites  overboard.

Buddy Holly on 45rpm tribute 2021

This  cool  guy  talks  about  Buddy  and  "Rock  Around  With  Ollie  Vee",  "Midnight Shift"  and  "Reminiscing".

Well done, keep on the good work !