From  the  incredible  Ian  Higham  Buddy  Holly  &  The  Crickets  and  Friends  Collection

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No number. Promotional CD. Recorded in England at the Junkyard Dawg Studio in 2019 and soon to be available on CD and Vinyl formats.

An Information from Ian Higham:

' The Baldy band asked Sherry to do a concert in Newcastle. 

On the spur of the moment they asked her to record the album. 

It was done in one day! I was there too. It was mixed later. '



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An  Information  from  Ian  Higham :

VARESE SARABANDE  00388072157835  EU (Netherlands)  2020

This is also available as a 12” vinyl LP (Which I will send when I receive it!)

Deluxe Edition of the Original Soundtrack CD

The printing is VERY difficult to read.

The booklet contains one photo I have not seen before.

An  Addition  From  2021 :

GO ENTERTAINMENT GO3CD7043  3 CD Box Set  UK  2010

GO ENTERTAINMENT GO3CD7043  3 CD Box Set  UK  2010