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There is so much "Buddy Holly Stuff" to see (and to buy) on the internet that I wonder 

where the time has gone. It's been over 60 years since Buddy left this world. 

However, it seems with the proliferation of "Buddy souvenirs" that Buddy 

is still in demand today and his appeal lives on. Buddy Holly lives ! 

One of the craziest pictures of Buddy yet.
Buddy as a ballet dancer, just incredibly "weird".

(As seen on erikajaneamerica)

© millionairegallery.com

This object was for sale at millionairegallery.com for 8,500 $

A handmade Buddy Holly Vinyl Record Wall Clock, as seen on BombStudio

This obscure Buddy Holly .mp3 Album from China is available on music platforms

British Gold advert for this Buddy Holly Pocket watch

White Star Customs present: Buddy Holly For Kids


Here I present a project created with a lot of care and 

passion by a Buddy fan on the internet at behance.net.

It shows an advertising campaign he designed from his point of view for a 

Buddy memorial album, that never existed with this artwork. 

It's absolutely worth to be presented here to a huge number of visitors.

He takes the songs and performers from the well-known commemorative CD, 

everything else is his "counter-design", even in duplicate (CD as well as vinyl album) 

and in addition the outdoor advertising as he imagines it. Impressive in my eyes.

The following photos are outstanding !

Kudos to the creator of this unusual project and the excellent result !

One more of these obscure .mp3 albums

Linkbekka Buddy Holly Cup, as seen on Redbubble

Linkbekka Buddy Holly Sticker, as seen on Redbubble

This is not Buddy with a flying saucer above his head. 

This is a white cup with a pic of our mutual Buddy 

by Laurynsworld, as seen on Redbubble.

Buddy lives on in a Wax Museum in Niagara Falls

Buddy's Lubbock Lights by Albrights Illustration on etsy

Buddy Holly T-Shirt by Yesteeyear on etsy

VALXART RIP Buddy Holly Coffee Mug on amazon

Graham Pope, UK :  The Day The Music Died

Tiny Buddy Holly Lego by CoCoCompro on etsy

VinylRecordBreakers Wall Clock on amazon

Sticker by Unique Adventures USA

Buddy helps to keep your feet warm !

From cultcustomz on etsy

hoodie for women with Buddy Holly glasses

Buddy painting by Nate Vandenbos

As seen on Tees Artists: Buddy Holly Quilt Blanket

As seen on Tees Artists: Buddy Holly Quilt Blanket

Wow !  Sleep well with Buddy !

Buddy Holly Quilt Bedding Set from beddinglovers.com