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Better late than never.

The Buddy Holly Hall is being built in 2020!

Both items seen on teepublic.com

Seen on teepublic.com, as well.

Floating Buddy Holly - Matt Danger Canvas Print

Ears as big as salad leaves  -  Buddy Holly by Parpa on DeviantArt

Buddy Holly  -  Seen on Pantone Canvas Gallery

A comic, as seen on breshnyda.com

Buddy Holly pin, as seen on lowlevel

Buddy Holly, as seen on Blue Moon Studios

Buddy Holly - Brandi Lucas Canvas Print

Buddy Holly  -  Hobson Tarrant Canvas Print

A book about '50s Rock 'n' Roll, as seen on buecher.de

© Kendal Bevil

A funny Charles da Costa painting, as seen on Pinterest

Miriam Danar - Flashback to the eighties - retro fun

Canvas Print

Why the '80s and not the '50s?

Homage to Buddy Holly by Barbara Hanrahan

Buddy Holly by Kerry Waghorn

Seen on Pinterest


(That looks really good)

Seen on facebook

Not fade away - Anna Chandler Canvas Print

Tommi Trudeau - Oh BOY! - Canvas Print

NOT FADE AWAY - By Sandra Boynton - As seen on Pinterest

As seen on Acme Graphics - Well done!

From the Simpsons TV series - As seen on getyam.io

Milestones In Music 2016 © Steve McGarry Cartoons  -  Hats off!