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Here  is  the  link  to  my  ” WEBSITE  NEWS “,  just  to  keep  you  informed !

There  are  a  lot  of  steady  visitors  on  my  Buddy  Holly  &  The  Crickets  Fan  Pages,

as  you  can  see  here :

My  provider  Deutsche  Telekom  sent  me  this  information.


Many  thanks  from  Germany  to  all  true  Buddy  Holly  &  The  Crickets  fans  worldwide !

HANS, editor 

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Here is a photo I received today.

Please have a look at my page: https://www.buddyhollylives.info/Bits-Pieces-8


HANS, editor

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Gone too soon. Amy Johnston died aged 66 caused by cancer.

She played the fictional “Cindy Lou” in the movie


Here is the link to the news page:  https://www.buddyhollylives.info/B-H-News-7

Cheers from Germany
HANS, editor

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