Buddy  -  Art  &  Kitsch  (18)

A few days ago, I found something by Internet research about Buddy that fascinated me right away. 

Something that I have never seen before in this way. 

I know Buddy as a motive on pictures and many articles of daily use, there are always curious ideas. 

Then also as a head knocker, standing figure, big and small,  and from the waxworks in London. 

   Looks like Paul McCartney, right?

But I have not seen him as marionette until today.


Kaiser George Marionettes

Handmade In Glasgow

By © George Miller

George Miller is a Glasgow - based artist, singer and musician, 

who spent his time during the COVID-19 lockdown making

a set of beautiful marionettes featuring some of the biggest

stars of Rock 'n' Roll, Country and R&B.

The "Naked Truth"

Buddy and Little Richard

These marionettes leave room for the imagination. 

The things you could do with them if you were a puppeteer. 

A small stage is quickly made.

45 vinyl on the turntable, and you're ready to go. 

The music plays and the puppet on a string starts its stage show. 

Work In Progress

All this is recorded with the video camera and uploaded to YouTube . . .

Just an idea, but maybe someone will pick it up, who can do it with marionettes 

and who buys some of the figures and publishes their own stage show.

Well done, George. Kudos from Germany !


Here you can read and view all about this fascinating project from 2020 in the UK:


Buddy Holly Painting by Frederico Wladimir

More about this talented cartoonist from Brazil on the page "ANIMATIONS".