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A  TV  Classic  In  HD  !

'Peggy  Sue'  looks  better  than  ever 


Thanks to my pal Roddy Jordan from Australia for letting me know !

Ray  Rush  Of  The  Roses  Passed  Away

From  the  Norman  Petty  Studios  on  the  7th  of  July,  2020 :

Bill Bailey,  Ray Rush,  Bo Clark,  Robert Linville,  David Bigham  1957

Sad news to report that RAY RUSH of The Roses has passed away

in a nursing home in Texas due to Covid-19. He was 83.

Rest In Peace, David !

Sad news to report that RAY RUSH of The Roses has d away in a nursing home in Texas due  was 83.

Fonz has done it again !

Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Peggy Sue Colourised

Arthur Murray Dance Party


On YouTube you can see Buddy's TV appearance at the Arthur Murray Show colourised by Fonz Chamberlain.

Here's a screenshot from the black and white version.

Frank Merrison from the UK sent in the info with a comment:

(Thanks to Lothar Pedd for kindly forwarding the email to me)

 " I'm sure I've seen the original black and white version in better and sharper quality (?) "

Editor: In my humble opinion, the subsequent processing may have led to a small loss of quality.

Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Peggy Sue Colourised

Ed Sullivan Show



On YouTube you can see Buddy's first TV appearance at the Ed Sullivan Show colourised by Fonz Chamberlain.

The  Buddy  Holly  Hall - Lubbock TX


© LEEPA on facebook, 2020 



Sent in by Frank Merrison ! 

Where was this photo taken? 

It is said to have been taken in January 1958. 

I'd appreciate any information you can give me.


More  about  the  Hologram  Tour

Do  you  remember ??

The last message on the 'old' website in BUDDY HOLLY NEWS 6 was about the Hologram Tour, 

which is currently going through England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. 

Personally I was and am not happy with the pictorial presentation of my idol Buddy Holly. Every Buddy Holly fan can see

that this is not Buddy Holly, neither in appearance nor in movement. Why this project was approached so blue-eyed remains

a mystery to me.

More and more videos are appearing on the internet, which offer a foretaste of what visitors 

can expect for a high entrance fee of over 80 € per person.


On 10-28-2019 the tour will stop in Essen / Germany, at the Colosseum Theater. 

Exactly there, where I had a joint performance on German TV with Maria Elena Holly in 2009.

Me in 2009 with the 'Buddy Holly Crew' in Essen - Germany.

One of the autographs MEH wrote for me in front of the TV cameras. 

Me with Maria Elena Holly on German WDR TV.

She came because of the kick - off for the musical "BUDDY, die Buddy Holly Story" by Alan Janes.


Some videos about the tour available on YouTube









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