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                                                GARY  THEROUX

I’m Gary Theroux, the Emmy nominated and Billboard award-winning

writer-producer of the 52 hours “History of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” (Check me

out on Wikipedia.) Over my 20 years run as the Music & Entertainment

Editor of Reader’s Digest, I licensed quite a few Buddy Holly and The
Crickets tracks for inclusion in various RD direct mail albums. I have

just begun work on a TV special for 2018 which will salute key hitmakers
of the 1955-69 era via TV and film performances, audio interviews and,
most notably, home movies of the stars taken by fans – fans who will

be paid for the use of their color silent 8mm of 16mm film footage.

Do your or any of your followers have such footage of Buddy Holly & the

If so, contact me at poprecordresearch@earthlink.net

I can also be reached at (203) 847-3085.

Yes, it is still relevant.  Buddy Holly is among the key 1955-69 artists we
plan to salute in our 90 minutes television special for A&E or HBO.  So

far we have assembled the following elements with which to salute

Buddy:  His performances of "Oh Boy," "Peggy Sue" and That'll Be The
Day" on "The Ed Sullivan Show," a few minutes of Norman Petty's home
movies plus audio interviews with Buddy conducted by Red Robinson and
Alan Freed.   

We are still looking for any additional home movies of Buddy and the
Crickets plus any footage related to the plane crash with which we can
use to illustrate that part of the story.

By the way -- does anyone know what happened to Bill Grigg's Buddy

Holly archives?


All the best,

Gary Theroux

"The History of Rock 'n' Roll" 

            I do hope that some of you can help Gary. Please contact him a.s.a.p.

                                                  Best wishes

                                                 HANS, editor


        Ian Higham's huge Buddy Holly & The Crickets Collection


                            IAN HIGHAM





                  Hello, my friends and comrade music-lovers.

          More than 2 years of targeted research here and there,
           as time permitted, went into my putting together this

         list of recorded songs, along with their titles and artists.



   Incl. songs about the crash, the 3 Stars and songs mentioning the

   3 Stars
or dedicated to the 3 Stars. This list is incomplete;  I'm 

   quite sure that
nobody has the total knowledge. Please contact

                                     me for any addition !






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